Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to everyone!

We are working hard at the shop filling orders for all the good boys and girls.

I am sorry I don’t have the pictures here but but if you check the Face Book links they are updated all the time. And as soon as I figure out my new device I will down load and have new pictures here.

Summer 2015 186 Summer 2015 072Summer 2015 017

Please bear with us and we will get it on here soon.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you all , from the Dream Wood Crew

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Dream Wood is Global

We have been carving the world. I went to Germany the last half of may to the Husky Cup. Speed carving with team U.S.A.

Aya went to The US Open in Minnesota. Plus a trip to Japan with Freddy. Aya has and is going to many carving events.

Custom orders keep coming in and custom order keep going out the door with many smiling faces with them. Here are a few pictures of some of the summer. For more see are Face Book links.

Summer 2015 034Summer 2015 014Summer 2015 011Summer 2015 072Summer 2015 144Summer 2015 170Summer 2015 161Summer 2015 124Summer 2015 222Summer 2015 246Summer 2015 285Summer 2015 373Summer 2015 411Summer 2015 422Summer 2015 181Summer 2015 546Summer 2015 547Summer 2015 512Summer 2015 507Summer 2015 384Summer 2015 298Summer 2015 408

Thank you for looking. More Dream Wood coming soon. Remember to call #603-438-4307 or e-mail to for your custom Dream Wood. Bye for now.

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Time Flies

I don’t know where it goes but time flies. Here it is all ready past the 4th of July.

I am filling custom orders at the shop and new one keep coming in. We have guest carvers coming and carving inventory. Great carvers like Dennis Beach and Brian Ruth.

Come by and see are vast collection of carvings.

Droid, many pictures 117Droid, many pictures 143Droid, many pictures 199Droid, many pictures 779Droid, many pictures 786Droid, many pictures 036Droid, many pictures 002Droid, many pictures 286Droid, many pictures 288Droid, many pictures 154Droid, many pictures 349Droid, many pictures 303

We can carve your Dream Wood on site or at the shop.

Thank you for looking at are carving from around the world.

Droid, many pictures 762Droid, many pictures 758

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Spring is here!

Dream Wood is jumping into spring. Custom carving in the Pocono Mountains both on site work and orders at the Dream Wood shop.

I am going to be going to Germany the end of May to do speed carving at the World Championship in chainsaw carving. Wish me luck. It is an invitation event. I am honored to be invited. I think I can do well there.

Here are some pictures of the first two stumps of the season. The carvings are in Shavertown, PA. Up Rt. 309 from Wilkes Barre, PA.

bear at ShavertownEagles at Shavertown 2totem poles 2Eagles at Shavertown 1

More new carving are coming. And don’t forget to check out are Face book Links for the latest of what I and Dream Wood are doing.

Call, e-mail or stop and see us at the shop to order your custom Dream Wood carving.

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To long with no update.

I am sorry that I have not had time to update the web site in a while.

If you check are face book likes they are up dated  all the time. So if you want to be up to date on what we are up to the links are the place to go.

I thank you all for your interest in Dream Wood’s carving.

Old Keys fish and more 002Old Keys fish and more 045Old Keys fish and more 206Old Keys fish and more 474Old Keys fish and more 493Old Keys fish and more 491Old Keys fish and more 286Old Keys fish and more 512Old Keys fish and more 492Old Keys fish and more 296Old Keys fish and more 298

Some pictures from the Fl. Keys and the shop. A little bit from the past.

Thank you for looking. And Happy Holladay’s.

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Crazy summer

Very busy summer. And a lot more to go.

In the middle of all this carving mayhem Freddy, Bam Bam, and I went up to Maine camping for eight days. What a great time. Now we are back in the Pocono for a little bit.

Here are some pictures of the latest carvings. Please check out the face book links for more.

Summer 2014 Maine and much more 003Summer 2014 Maine and much more 004Summer 2014 Maine and much more 007Summer 2014 Maine and much more 008Summer 2014 Maine and much more 024Summer 2014 Maine and much more 026Summer 2014 Maine and much more 027Summer 2014 Maine and much more 043Summer 2014 Maine and much more 045Summer 2014 Maine and much more 048Summer 2014 Maine and much more 050Summer 2014 Maine and much more 051Summer 2014 Maine and much more 114Summer 2014 Maine and much more 136Summer 2014 Maine and much more 138 - CopySummer 2014 Maine and much more 155 - CopySummer 2014 Maine and much more 156Summer 2014 Maine and much more 158 - CopySummer 2014 Maine and much more 161 - CopySummer 2014 Maine and much more 163Summer 2014 Maine and much more 164 - CopySummer 2014 Maine and much more 166

The abstract is in Medford, MA. The painter is in Mt. Pocono. The eagles nest with the bear is in Lake Harmony.

I hope you enjoy these and more coming soon.

Yes we can do your custom carving! Order your today.

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Owls on lake Harmony

Lake Harmony owl stump carving is done and the first four Aflac ducks are in home in the south. Custom orders, that’s what Dream Wood does.

Owl stump and more 042Owl stump and more 047Owl stump and more 049

Owl stump and more 050Owl stump and more 051Owl stump and more 054


Patients is a virtue, but we can do your dream carving.

The Gleco painter is done and going home on Monday.

Setting pictures are coming and they have a painter painting it.

More pictures coming soon. It is a custom for us to do custom for you.

All most done here.


Lots more coming soon.

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