Happy New Year

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

I have some shows coming up this winter.

Please check the Facebook links for more information.

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Thank you all for your interest.

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Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year.Droid, many pictures 239

Dream Wood and the Blaine’s wish you a very Great New Year.

Check out are face book links from around the world.

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Summer is almost over

Dream Wood has had a very busy summer but it is almost gone.

Now I am heading into a very busy fall season with many on site inquires and custom orders. Is it too early to say get your Dream Wood orders in for Christmas? I think not. Not if you want them for Christmas.

To everyone every where. Be safe and have a great fall season.

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That you for looking. And don’t forget to check out the Face Book links.

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Going to the Fair

Wow summer is in full swing.

August 3rd to the six I will be at the Cheshire Fair in Swanzey, New Hampshire.

I hope that all my old friends come and new come to the fair and watch me carve.

Freddy my son, the dog,”Bam Bam” the second and myself will be there.

I am doing a lot of custom orders and I am way down on inventory. I hope to make more soon.

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You all be safe and do well.

Don’t forget to check the Facebook links.

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Happy New Year

Well it’s 2017 Happy New Year to one and all!

Yes we are open in the winter.

We are doing some events in February. Saturday the 4th I will be in Emmaus, Pa. for the Emmaus Art Commission, Snow Blast. And the 18th and 19th I will be in Jim Thorp for their Winter Fest.

Custom orders are always welcome and we have many carvings in stock.

Have a great year!

Finished Ohio Indian 034Finished Ohio Indian 054Finished Ohio Indian 018Finished Ohio Indian 065Finished Ohio Indian 059

Thank you for your interest. Call 603- 438-4307 or e-mail dreamwood@live.com for more information. And be sure to look at your face book links.

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Wow! Christmas is coming! Fast!

I am filling orders and carving some inventory at the shop.

Many people want to know about custom orders. At this point maybe we can get some things carved but putting finish on is another story. I have only a small inside space with heat and outside is very slow drying this time of year.

Dream Wood has a good selection of carvings. Please come by the shop and check it out.

Droid, many pictures 026Droid, many pictures 073Droid, many pictures 197

Soon I will have a new windows 10 and I will be able to down load new pictures from my Droid Turbo Two into it and show more new pictures.

Marry Christmas to one an all. And a Happy New Year!

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Late Spring

Carving, carving, carving and I have not do anything on the website for too long.

There is a nice video at [ dailyitem.com ] The Daily Item news papers website.

And please check are face book links for the latest on Dream Wood and what is going on.

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Come see us at the shop in the heart of the Poconos. State Route 940 and Stoney Hollow Road in Pocono Pines PA 18350

Thank you for your interest.

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