Crazy Year

I have been very busy this year even with the Covid 19 pandemic going on.

Custom orders and on-site carving are keeping me making sawdust. I am taking orders and when I get caught up I will get some inventory carved. I don’t have much inventory so if you need a custom Dream Wood carving for Christmas please contact me and I will get it done for you.

Two weeks into fall all ready. Wow! Where did the summer go? We are staying safe in the Poconos’s and adjusting to the colder weather.

Don’t forget to check out the Face Book links for the latest up dates. Just click and go.


    Thank you all and be safe out there.

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Summer 2020 Custom Orders and On Sites

Dream Wood is doing custom orders and on site work. And I would love to carve your dream wood for you. You can call me, e-mail, message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Stay safe out there and  be well. We will get through these trying times.IMG_20191223_130209IMG_20191229_161608IMG_20200212_150400


Thank you for your interest. And be sure to check our face book links.

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Wood Carving and the Coronavirus

We will all get through this hard time. My retail shop is closed right now per order of the Governor. Hopefully it will be open soon. I am still carving onsite stumps and custom orders. Please feel free to call me to discuss your custom carving,

603-438-4307 this is my work cell phone number. I am looking forward to talking to you.

You can make an appointment but all the social rules at this time do apply.

Thank you all for your support and interest.     New flash drive for Droid 014New flash drive for Droid 013

Droid, many pictures 153Droid, many pictures 186Droid, many pictures 339Droid, many pictures 412Droid, many pictures 401Droid, many pictures 411Droid, many pictures 214

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Happy New Year

Well 2020 is here and I hope that you all have a good year.

I am still carving when the weather is not to bad. Filling orders and making inventory.

I have some onsite carving to do also. So if you are coming to the shop to see me please call: 603-438-4307 first to make sure that I will be there. This is my business cell phone number. If I don’t pick up please leave a message because I may have the saws in hand. I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you.

Droid, many pictures 720  IMG_20151212_143846361_HDRIMG_20160126_121953575_HDR


If you would like it I can carve it. Don’t forget to check out the Face Book links for all the latest Carvings by Dream Wood. I hope that you all have a great year.

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Fall is Here !

The change of seasons is upon us.

Frosts nights and cooler days are great for carving and I have lots of new carvings at the shop. I am also taking custom orders for Christmas.

New pictures are coming as soon as I get the right cord. Stay tuned.

Droid, many pictures 007 Droid, many pictures 048Droid, many pictures 164

Droid, many pictures 186Droid, many pictures 237Droid, many pictures 496

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Wow it’s Summer!

What Happened to spring? Too much rain has slowed me down. I have been keeping up with my orders but I have not been able to keep much inventory out in the carving yard.

I have a great load on new logs coming and with summer upon us it should dry out a bit and lots of new carvings are coming. And as always I would be more than happy to do a custom carving for you.

Have a great summer and come and visit us if you are in the Poconos.

Dream Wood shop is on the corner of Stoney Hollow Road and State Route 940 in Pocono Pines, PA.

Droid, many pictures 005Droid, many pictures 027Droid, many pictures 060

Droid, many pictures 783Droid, many pictures 787Droid, many pictures 779

Droid, many pictures 762IMG_20160301_152144466IMG_20160415_145643174_HDR

Hope to see you soon! And thank you for your interest.

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Spring is here

I have been working on orders for customers and working around the weather.

The orders have been going out on time and my customers are all happy.

Please check  out the Facebook links for the latest works from Dream Wood’s

I am still doing stump carvings also. A custom stump carving can be a big plus for any property. You can call or e-mail me to make a date to have your tree carved.

Thank you for your interest.


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Happy New Year

Here is a Happy New Year to one and all! I wish every one a great year.

I am working on custom ordered carvings at the shop now. It is slow going with the winter weather. But I am making progress. I also have some winter shows coming up the end of the month and in February.

Please check out are Face Book links for all the latest up dates and pictures.IMG_20160131_121005628_HDRIMG_20160220_143829580_HDRIMG_20160301_152245783IMG_20160309_152835661_HDRIMG_20160312_125055778_HDRIMG_20160415_145656515_HDRIMG_20160415_145643174_HDRIMG_20160415_121628051_HDR

You can always call or e-mail us to place an order. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Wow fall is here. Where did the summer go?

Fall is in the air. And Dream Wood is taking orders for Christmas.

I have some big ones on the shelf so get your orders in soon because there is only so many I can get done before Christmas.





Custom carving is most of what I do but I try to keep a good selection of carvings at the shop. Thank you for your interest.

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A new PC is coming soon

I am still running windows seven and I have to apologize for the old pictures.

This fall a new PC is coming and I can load new pictures to it and do better with the web site. Thank you all for your understanding. Please check the face book links for pictures of current carving and events. And please come and visit the Dream Wood shop. We are on the corner of Stoney  Hollow Road and State Route 940 in Pocono Pines, PA.

Thanks again for your interest.

Spring from Droid 053Spring from Droid 075Spring from Droid 099Spring from Droid 154Spring from Droid 174Spring from Droid 060

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