Spring is in the air

I am back outside carving and the snow banks are almost gone.

Working hard to get caught up on some custom ordered pieces now that I can get to the wood. I am loving my new studio/ shop. I have a new display spot on the Lehigh Gorge Road. Five miles south of White Haven, PA. Fifteen miles north of Jim Thorp, PA. Look for the ten foot bear and more. If I am not there please call my work cell phone number. The studio is only five minutes away. I can be right there. 603-438-4307 .                                       16 Wildwood Drive, Weatherly PA. is the studio address. Visits here are by are by appointment only. Looking forward to seeing you all this season.


If you would like it, I can carve it. Custom orders are welcome. Dream Wood is all about your Dream Wood. Thank you very much. Michael F. Blaine


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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