New year and new shop

Happy New Year to one and all. Stay safe and have a great year.

I am working on custom orders and booking on site/ stump carvings for warmer weather.

Yes I can carve a custom Dream Wood for you!

Here are a few pictures of work from this past year.


This one is a custom Ash tree stump. This next one is a memory from Germany.



IMG_20200715_133222IMG_20200715_133207IMG_20200715_133148IMG_20200722_110400IMG_20200730_122701IMG_20200730_122707IMG_20200730_122716IMG_20200730_122722IMG_20200730_125202IMG_20200730_122648 This was the biggest project of the year.

Lots of sawdust this year. I hope I can do the same for many more!

IMG_20200820_164159 IMG_20200820_164253IMG_20200820_164138

I will post more later. You all have a great day and stay safe out there.

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