Spring in to spring!

We are on site and we have things going on at the shop. Come on by and see the Dream Wood show room and maybe we can do a custom Dream Wood carving for you.

Some spring in to spring Pictures for you.

Spring every thing 027Spring every thing 028Spring every thing 030

The eagle and bear are from late fall and the owl is now.

Spring every thing 037Spring every thing 034Spring every thing 039

Here are some shots at the shop today.

Spring every thing 041Spring every thing 042Spring every thing 044

Spring every thing 046Spring every thing 047Spring every thing 045

Spring every thing 049Spring every thing 051Spring every thing 056

Spring every thing 050Spring every thing 053

We have a lot of carving to choose from so come on by and visit or give us a call ,e-mail or what ever. Get close to Dream Wood!


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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