Spring things

Spring things. The list is long and so are the days. But I still think I need a clone.

We are filling custom orders at the shop and the list of on site work is growing.

I am going back to Ohio sometime in the third week of May to do on site work and then back to the Pocono to do more. Aya is going to an event later this week and after I get back from Ohio she is going to two more. Maybe Freddy is going to run the shop while I do onsite carving. LOL

There are some pictures of some new carvings.

Garden and eagles 014Garden and eagles 019Garden and eagles 020Garden and eagles 024Fishing bear and gardens 008Fishing bear and gardens 012Fishing bear and gardens 021Fishing bear and gardens 022Fishing bear and gardens 023Fishing bear and gardens 024Fishing bear and gardens 028Fishing bear and gardens 018Gator and koi 004Gator and koi 022Gator and koi 015Gator and koi 017Gator and koi 019Gator and koi 028Gator and koi 032

We have also been gardening and working on Freddy’s tree house and much more.

Happy spring! More Dream Wood coming soon.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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