A spring thing

We got back from Ohio on good Friday. We had a great Easter.

And now we are going full bore at the shop. When I get done with this round of spring at the shop it will be back to Ohio for round two.

Season opener on site 007Season opener on site 010Season opener on site 015Season opener on site 014Season opener on site 016Season opener on site 017Season opener on site 022   This was the first on site of 2013. A little spring and more winter. The weather was not too bad. Then we went to the second on site and every thing changed. It was a challenge But it all came out fine in the end. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. It is finally getting nice out and the days are getting long.Done big maple CLC 002Done big maple CLC 003Done big maple CLC 005Done big maple CLC 006Done big maple CLC 007Done big maple CLC 008Done big maple CLC 010Done big maple CLC 011Done big maple CLC 015Done big maple CLC 018Done big maple CLC 021  Happy spring! Thanks for looking.

Much more coming soon!


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Professional Chainsaw carver
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