Aya is holding down the shop

Aya and Freddy are holding down the shop. And I am on a huge oak in Ct.

I am going to Maine over the weekend to carve a piece in Bethel and see some old friends.

Here is some of the shop from the last two weeks.

Indain and big bear 001Indain and big bear 005Indain and big bear 013

The whole family is coming.                                             The #2 big bear and I am looking for the log for #3. #2 is sold and going to it’s new home in Sept.

Indain and big bear 023Indain and big bear 020

We have lots of carvings on site and would love to make you a custom piece.

Indain and big bear 038Indain and big bear 040

Moose and more 041Moose and more 049Moose and more 054

Custom ordered moose.

Shop and home 018Shop and home 019Shop and home 022

More orders. Yes yes.

Tommy days 009Tommy days 023Tommy days 031

Yes we do custom orders!!!!!!!  Here’s three more.

That’s all for now. I love you Aya and Freddy Blaine.

Thank you for holding down the shop.


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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