Close to home

This is the closest to home I have ever do an on site carving.

Maybe it’s two and one half miles from the house.

We made the local TV late news also with this one.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Benyo for having me carve for you.

Saint Fances and more 060Saint Fances and more 061Saint Fances and more 062Saint Fances and more 063Saint Fances and more 053Saint Fances and more 049

This big bear I put a new finish on. It is going to it’s new home soon.

Saint Fances and more 026Saint Fances and more 022

The bear bench is at are new shop on US 940 and Stony Hollow Road. 8 miles east of Blakeslee and just west of Pocono Pines. Here is a couple of pictures of  Dream Wood’s new home. We have galery and carving place there. Remember we can do your custom carving.

Logs and the new spot 008Logs and the new spot 016Logs and the new spot 020Logs and the new spot 022Logs and the new spot 011Logs and the new spot 013

Stop in and see us soon.


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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1 Response to Close to home

  1. ron and kathy cadle says:

    hey mike, still waiting to see you on the tv carving show.

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