The end of February, Carving.

Wow, we made it to 11 of 13 Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous.

I missed a couple a couple in the middle.

We all went on the 16th. After some set up on Thur. and Fri. I came back home to do a show in Jim Thorp on the 18th and 19th. Monday I get up early and go back to the Rendezvous to spend the week carving and looking at all the carvings and carvers from around the world.

I did a soaring eagle bench and Aya did a doggie bench for are donated auction pieces. Both were carved out of silver maple that came from storm damage just down the street.

A special thanks for Tim of Lazy River Canoe Rental and Bike shop, for giving us a place to be and all his help with set up and clean up.

Here are some pictures of some of the carving.

This time of year! 010This time of year! 012This time of year! 015

Eagle heads with feathers. Custom order.

This time of year! 027This time of year! 028This time of year! 030

This time of year! 034Here are some of the carvings I did in Jim Thorp.

Ridgway 2012 003Ridgway 2012 005Ridgway 2012 009Ridgway 2012 010Ridgway 2012 012Ridgway 2012 015Ridgway 2012 018Ridgway 2012 021Ridgway 2012 024Ridgway 2012 027Ridgway 2012 028Ridgway 2012 033Ridgway 2012 035Ridgway 2012 037Ridgway 2012 039Ridgway 2012 040Ridgway 2012 048Ridgway 2012 055Ridgway 2012 051Aya did two custom dog relief carvings. The customer was very happy. That’s all for now folks. I hope you like it.

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