Christmas is coming fast!

We have been working around the home front filling some custom orders and making a new carving space. We now have something that can be called a shop at the house.

There is still time to fill Christmas orders! Let us know what’s on your carving list and we can get it done.

Aya, Freddy, and I are going back to Ohio the beginning of Dec. to Figaro Farms in Green to do carving for are Akron area friends the first part of Dec. We can also do some stump carving while we are there. If you have the stump and would like a custom Dream Wood stump carving please let us know soon. With winter coming and short days we can only fill some orders before Christmas. We can carve in the winter and if I can’t carve your carving before Christmas we can come back and carve it in the new year.

Here are some pictures of what’s going on here.

Halloween and more 091 Pheasant 003

Aya with Pug dog.               Brace of pheasant.

New and old 024New and old 057

Work space!                                        Aya’s finished pug.

New and old 008New and old 010

New and old 018New and old 020

Have a Happy Thanks Giving! And we will see you soon.


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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