Going to Germany!

Aya, Freddy, and I are on the plane at 4:15 pm.

We are all going to the,”Husky Cup”, in Germany.

Aya and I are both competing and Freddy is going on a learning vacation.

He is Mommy and Daddy’s coach. He has a big job!

Here are some pictures of carvings I have done last two weeks.

Harp,bear,fish,garden 015Harp,bear,fish,garden 018

Harp,bear,fish,garden 026The Happy Harpist.

Al's to Gremany 001Al's to Gremany 066

Al's to Gremany 067Al's to Gremany 055

The Wizard is an old piece but he has a new staff.

Al's to Gremany 064Al's to Gremany 063

Al's to Gremany 069Al's to Gremany 072

It’s off to Germany. The theme is figurative functional bee hives.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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