Bear and eagle custom order

This big red oak log was carved in Green, Ohio and it was picked up and moved to Bell Point on Lake Milton in Ohio.

Bear an eagle in Ohio 022Bear an eagle in Ohio 021Bear an eagle in Ohio 024

Bear an eagle in Ohio 008Bear an eagle in Ohio 012Bear an eagle in Ohio 016

Bear an eagle in Ohio 026We will get back to Ohio in July. June is very busy for us.

All three of us are going to the “Husky Cup” the first half of June and when we get back

We have carving events in eastern Pa. to do. Thank you for looking, Michael, Aya, and Freddy.


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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1 Response to Bear and eagle custom order

  1. kristofor larson says:

    I am a chain saw carver too. I have to say that your talent inspires me. I would love to speak with you some time. I hope i get the chance. keep up the awsome work. Aya , your dogs are fantastic. I’ve done two. hope to do more.

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