More Akron area Ohio carving

The rain is slowing down a little and I managed to get some on site carvings done.

The first one is a maple and the second one is cherry.

Al and back to Ohio 038Al and back to Ohio 040

In the beginning.                  Are son Freddy.

Al and back to Ohio 060Al and back to Ohio 045

Al and back to Ohio 054Al and back to Ohio 049

Al and back to Ohio 050Al and back to Ohio 057

Cherry eagle and bears 019Cherry eagle and bears 022

Cherry eagle and bears 032Cherry eagle and bears 035

Cherry eagle and bears 033Cherry eagle and bears 024

This next one is a replacement for an old Wizard.

Al and back to Ohio 008Al and back to Ohio 012

I hope you like these new ones. There will be more coming soon.

The next one could be yours. Thank you for looking.


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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