Spring in north east Ohio

We have been out here in the Akron area for a week and a half now.

The weather has been a major factor in getting things done. But they are getting done.

Here are some pictures of the first 2 onsite carvings of 2011.

First on site carvings of 2011 Ohio 006First on site carvings of 2011 Ohio 009

First on site carvings of 2011 Ohio 011First on site carvings of 2011 Ohio 010

First on site carvings of 2011 Ohio 022First on site carvings of 2011 Ohio 021

First on site carvings of 2011 Ohio 033This stump was huge!

I have one more stump carving to do this weekend rain or shine.

Aya has been working on a custom German Shepard order this week.

I have been doing a little inventory carving and visiting some friends.

Here is some of what’s up with carving.

Early Apirl in Ohio 002 Early Apirl in Ohio 004

My friend Joe found the wood for the Shepard. It was hard to get it in the truck by hand.

Freddy at the laundry with Daddy. We had fun. He got to put the quarters in the machines.

Early Apirl in Ohio 012Early Apirl in Ohio 013

Early Apirl in Ohio 014Early Apirl in Ohio 017

Early Apirl in Ohio 019Early Apirl in Ohio 022

Three foot cherry feather on top. Three foot cherry horse head.

Cherry green man. And Aya working on her German Shepherd Dog.

Early Apirl in Ohio 023Early Apirl in Ohio 025

More of Aya’s carving of the German Shepherd.

That’s it for now. We will have more when we get home.


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1 Response to Spring in north east Ohio

  1. We will be going back to the Akron area after the Easter Holladay.
    We have more orders to carve out there. Check us out at Figaro Farms on Rt. 619 in Green, Ohio.

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