Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous

Well we made it back home and are getting ready for the spring work thing.

We all had a great time and I want to thank everyone who helped make it that.

You all know who you are.

Aya and I both carved and took turns with Freddy, who had the most fun of all.

Here are some pictures of carvings and more.

Ridgway Carvers 017

Here are some of the carvings I brought with me to sell.

Ridgway Carvers 024Ridgway Carvers 030

Ridgway Carvers 056Ridgway Carvers 035

Freddy idea of a great day at the office.

Ridgway Carvers 061Ridgway Carvers 044

                                                The eagles got his eye on him.

Ridgway Carvers 047Ridgway Carvers 048

Ridgway Carvers 065Ridgway Carvers 063

Aya and her Dash hound. She dose a great job with all her dogs.

She can do portraits and so much more.

Ridgway Carvers 074Ridgway Carvers 076

More eagle pictures. I eagled out this year at the Vous.

I wish that was my golf game. That’s an eagle fantasy.

Ridgway Carvers 079Ridgway Carvers 082

Ridgway Carvers 115Ridgway Carvers 118

Ridgway Carvers 119Ridgway Carvers 109

Ridgway Carvers 122Ridgway Carvers 148

We had a wide range of carving and weather.

Get your custom carving today!

Please call or e-mail us!


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