Big Oak Indian

Aya, Freddy and myself are back in Green Ohio, at Figaro Farms.

I am working on a big oak Indian near by.

And I mean big. It is 44 inches at the 12 foot line.

17 feet to start with. I had to take 5 feet of the top.

Big oak Indian 003Big oak Indian 004

I have had a little bit of a slow start but the Indian is coming alive.

Big oak Indian 006 Big oak Indian 008

Big oak Indian 013Big oak Indian 010

We have some very bad weather now and it is slow to go away.

It could take most of the week to finish.

And Wednesday is the first year anniversary of Figaro Farms Fresh  Market.

So Wednesday I need to spend some carving time at the store.

Big oak Indian 014


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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