Wind and rain in Ohio

We drove back to Ohio on Monday. And did laundry on Tuesday.

Wednesday the wind and cold came. Two days and nights of teens and sixty mile and hour gust.

It pulled the forty inch pins out of the ground on the big tent I was set up under and tore up the canvas.

I was doing saw maintenance Wednesday and the wind would blow me away from the tail gate on the truck where I was sharpening saws !

Friday I did an on site job. A great horned owl and a bear in a double cheery tree.

Saturday I carved at Figaro Farm and made a lot of sawdust.

The Y log I was carving had a big seam in it so I had to find the good wood.

No raised winged eagle out of that one.

I think it is going to be castles and water falls.

Today, Sunday I went to work in the pouring rain.

The log was a foot more in diameter and two feet taller than I was told.

This big Indian is going to be huge. And one more day in the making than I thought.

I hope this weather gets a bit better so I can get my jobs done this week.


Freddy loves his foot ball. He says ,”kick it !” And he does.

This log is going to be a similar Indian to the one I did at Mum festival.

That is a nice Christmas present ! That is a big stump !

Nobody said being an Elf was easy !! 


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Professional Chainsaw carver
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