Great time in MI. with friends

The wood was hard , the weather was cold but I had a great time, as did everyone.

Aya and I were both carving and Freddy had his first time at day care.

I want to thank everyone that help take care of Freddy so we both could carve.

Congratulations to Tim Klock for his first place finish in the main stump carving.

You did a great job Tim !!

Aya did a great job also !! And for not having much carving time to train she got after the big hard wood.

Everyone did great carvings !!

If they do it again I will be happy to go back.

Jim Madson  and the city of Willington did a great job putting it all together .

I am sorry that I did not put put more pictures. But you can go to Aya’s

space and see more. And to the carvers forum for the whole story.


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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