Race weekend

Well we had a lot of lookers. And many good comments by the passers by.

I hope the lingerers stop by tomorrow and do some shopping.

The boxer dog is and order and I will finish it in the morning.

The stack of heads totem is on display  and the little owl is going

to it’s new home in the morning.

It was a rework of one of my practice speed cuts for samurai speed

carving competition in Japan that I did two Octobers ago after

after Aya and I got married. I did some more carving ,a little burning,

and a bit of paint. Everybody loves it.

Here are the pictures.


Tomorrow could be the big day this week!

I hope it doesn’t rain but the rain coat is in the truck.

We have had to many rainy days lately .


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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1 Response to Race weekend

  1. Aya says:

    Wow!!Your Boxer dog is really NICE!!I see Bam Bam in your Boxer dog! lolYour pieces are wonderfull!!I specially like the little owl!! That is So CUTE!!!Love, Aya and Freddy

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