Race week

Yes this week Is race week in the Poconos.

My new carving spot is just three miles from the track.

Sunday it will be three lanes from I-80 to the track and

after the race it will be three lanes going back to I-80.

Wow it should be an interesting week.

Here are some pictures of some of the carvings that are

at the site on route 115 one mile south of I-80.

We will be putting in some long hours from Friday to Sunday.

I have to keep a eye on the carvings to keep over zealous fans

from wondering off with carvings with out paying for them.

It could be a good week. We have to wait and see.


Little Fella got a hair cut ! Now he can see and he still likes the carvings.

I hope the race fans get out and about and come and look at these

and many more carvings. It’s going to be a big seine in the Poconos this



About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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