The week of rain

The weather have been a big player this week.

Not a lot of down pours but wet and rainy every day.

It is suppose to get better this weekend.

I hope so . We need some dry weather to get the people out and about .

I put some tomatoes in are little garden Monday .

The soil is getting better every year .

I hope to get more fruit this year .

I have been going to the carving spot every day .

And some carving has got done in between the rain drops .

The camper is in the shop for a big brake job .

Needed drums , back plates , plus pads magnets and the rest of the story .

I miss my wife and son so much . They are still in Japan .

Aya and Freddy , I love you so much . You are the best things in my world .

Bam Bam boy misses you too . Bam Bam is my dog .

Here are some pictures .

Well that’s all for now . I hope the rain stops so I can carve more !


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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