Healing and Holidays in Japan

I should be able to play golf by the New Year.

The 10th I was in the hospital getting a pre operation check up.

The 12th at11:00 am Japan time, I was under the knife.

Now one week later , I am take long walks around the city with my family.

And eating long sushi lunches with lots of wasabi and ginger pickle.

We have a Christmas party to go to tomorrow night at Aya’s sister’s house.


Luggage Mountain.


Freddy and his Grandma.


I found some nice wood in a store window after lunch the other day.

Aya and Freddy after lunch. It gets dark early here also.


That is one very big aloe plant,wow.

Aya , hungry monster!             Smiley Freddy!

Smiley boy and Daddy!    

One of the two rivers that go around  Taisho-ku .


Japanese Small Kin-kan clementine. Very good and C vitamin X 10 in each one.

Well that’s all for now. We will keep you posted on are stay in Japan.


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  1. lexi says:

    Happy Holidays ❤

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