Time to BLOG!

It has been to long a time with no update.
I am in Taisho-ku Japan , with my family here.
New Years in Japan should be very fine and fun.
It is the biggest Holiday of the year here!
Now I am recuperating from a hernia operation that I had on the 12 th.
My recovery is coming along fine. We all went for along walk yesterday.
Maybe three or four miles all totaled. I got quite tiered but fine on the stitch work.
The weather has been warm for December, 55 to 60 in the day time and sunny.
To day has been the first rain since the 9 th, when we got here.
Yes, the Blaine family all came back to Japan together.
We have been working onthe visa thing. Both Aya’s and mine.
I don’t have much for pictures now. But I will soon.
Here is one from when we left on the 8th.

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Professional Chainsaw carver
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