Koi Fish

Koi; This is the biggest fish carving I have ever done.
Maybe the nicest one.
Again I had to battle hardware to get it done.
But we got though it and the stain in the red oak make a nice color for the Koi.
There is a nice pond full of Koi on the high side of the wall.
We covered them up for the job to keep the sawdust out.
I hope you like it. 
I have carved dolphin bigger but they are a mammals.
Nice hard ware !
On sights are an adventure !!

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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2 Responses to Koi Fish

  1. Michael says:

    We have had a lot of lookers. I thought by now the world would have sum more wooded koi.Happy holladays, Michael Blaine

  2. Eva Long says:

    Michael, We cant begin to thank you enough for our Koi. Cant tell you how many cars stop up the road to admire your work. Kazuki is still swimming upstream to become a dragon Koi. Thanks again Jim and Eva

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