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Doing some one elses job, House project

Why the Bob Cat? It works ! Pound my but, WOW! Keep going, one man band, you can play the tune. If the job is worth doing do it right the first time! What did you do your summer vacation? I … Continue reading

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Koi Fish

Koi; This is the biggest fish carving I have ever done. Maybe the nicest one. Again I had to battle hardware to get it done.   But we got though it and the stain in the red oak make a … Continue reading

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The carpenter’s nails

I carved an ash carpenter this week.     The carpenter is to be a support post for a roof over a patio. He had nails every where but in his pouch. And he had a pouch full in him !! … Continue reading

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Bushkill carving

The road is getting shorter I think. At lest some of the time. I am resting up today after carving the last four days at the Bushkill fireman’s fair. Still I am working on the oil on the pond . And … Continue reading

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