23 Bears in 1 hour !!!

Michael came back from Ridgway.
He enjoyed meet many friends and carving.
Although I participated last year and the year before last, I have just given birth to Freddy and was not able to participate this year.
Since I have not done carving for a long time,
I am jealous of Michael!!
Michael carries out to the hall of dinner and breakfast with a personal computer,
and enabled it to talk with everybody by SKYPE that the friend and the talk that I gather for Ridgway from all over the world are made.
It was very pleasant experience. Thank you, Michael!!
In Ridgway, the Speed carving competition was performed for the first time this year.
It was what competes for the ability of this game to carve the Bears in 1 hour.
Bear made from 6x6x12-inch square woods.
Eyes,  nose,  nails,  legs, hair, tail, and ears were required for the Bear.
And there was the staff who supports a contestant.
They helped oil supply of a chain saw, preparation of material, etc.
There were these four competitors.
Since Michael had won the victory in the Speed carving competition performed in Japan last year,
he is very interested in this game, and he opted for participation.
The result was a championship of Michael who carved 23 bears!!
Congratulations, Michael !! You Great !!!
Since I could seldom carve early, I was surprised anyhow !!
These are some pictures.
Thank you !!!

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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