Frederick Kazuki Blaine

The little man is here at last! He Made us wait until the end of my trip to see him born but he is fine.
Nine extra days on the inside made him more perfect.
Aya is fine and Freddy is fine!
Born at 7:49 on Feb. 15th. His weight was 3.858 kilos, over 8 lb’s and length was 54cm.
I wish I could stay to watch him grow but I have to go and finish the house and get to work.
Yes I will be going to Ridgway on the 25th of Feb.
We will be bringing carvings to sell as well as making a nice one for the auction for charity.
Plus a special surprise happening!!!!!!!!
Here are sum pictures of are son the most wonderful baby in the world.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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2 Responses to Frederick Kazuki Blaine

  1. lexi says:

    aww He is adorable<3  can\’t wait to meet him…

  2. DAVID says:

    What a handsome little fellow! Are you teaching him how to carve netsuki yet? LOL

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