Waiting but still having fun in Japan

Waiting, yes we are still waiting for are little Freddy. He is not so little though.
Maybe close to 4 kilos, that’s a nice one.
If he does not come by the 12th the Doctor is going to induce labor.
Maybe the 13th. Aya is the 13th. I am the 13th. Why not the baby too?
That could be a lot of good luck. What are the odds?
Still waiting on the house set also. I guess I will be back in the R.V. when I get back to the states.
Snow shut the city of Osaka down yesterday afternoon. I guess it does not really snow here.
Aya said the last time they had measurable snow here she was just a little girl.
Today we went to see my niece and nephew in there school show.
Plays , singing , and playing instrument’s all in the same show. It was long but very good.
They stopped to have lunch at half time. 2500 people having lunch on the auditorium floor on there blanckets.
The wooden beach. WOW!!
After all that I made my first mochi. Then I ate soom of my first mochi. It was as good if not better than any other I have had.
Freash mochi is very good. Made of pounded rice.
Here are the pictures.

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