Christmas has come and gone

Wow ,I was typing away when poff, all my typing was gone.
Lets start over.
It was agood Chrstmas and everyone had a good time.
I ate way to much for days . But there were so many good things to eat.
There were some spaces thought, Mom and Aya could not be with us.
Only in spirt and heart.
Aya is in Japan, doing a wonderful job with the baby.
The baby is comming soon.
I will go back to Japan in the middle of January,to be with Aya.
And stay until after the baby is born,and a bit longer.
Then soon,hopefully, visa work is done and they both will come here so we can be together in are new home.
My Mother, she is stll in the hospital.
She is doing better than she has in a while.
We missed her being with us the last couple of holladays.
We have hope for Easter, for both Mom and Aya plus the Baby being with the rest of us.
Event the birds had a great time.
Here are soom pictures to tell the story, because they do it so well.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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