Gerry & Mike’s Nursery

Gerry & Mike’s Nursery which has carried an exhibition sale of Michael’s work.


As for the inside of the site in which the beautiful plants, flowers, and bamboos, etc. were planted. Relaxed setting is very comfortable.


The exhibition sale of Michael’s work is carried out in it.

The big works are located near the entrance. There is a bench with deer, bear, eagle, and squirrel, all inter acting.

There is also a big Indian, a couple of big bears made out of oak wood.


If it goes into inside, there is a bench (cattails are beautiful!) of the wild cat hunting a deer, and an otter, a catfish.

Other bench is a flying eagle, bears, and a girl is fishing respectively.


And the smaller works are located next to the office. Those who want to look at Michael’s work directly, need to visit Gerry & Mike’s Nursery at least once, by all means.


Gerry & Mike’s Nursery

Rt.940 Kidder, White Haven, PA



Gerry & Mike’s is easy to find.

One mile west of the interchange of 476 and I-80.

On the north side of the road.

That is the right heading west.


Thank you!


About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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