Everything, growing up!!!

I came back to Japan and two week has passed.
I was very busy, and since I was very tired, I was not able to do arrangement of the photograph easily.
Since Michael said that he wanted to contribute the pics out of which trout was released to the pond, some pics of a pond are contributed.
Although Michael’s land is very slow, it is growing certainly.
From now on, I am looking forward to being able to live in that beautiful land very much.
Michael requires building a house very in a hurry.
It is because it turned out that our baby is born in February as to why it is.
I went to the hospital and became clear last week.
Now, I am nine weeks  and five days of pregnancy.
February 6, next year is an estimated due date of delivery.
Since I had become pregnant, I became impossible to go, although I hoped going to go to this summer Europe.
It is very regrettable and I am very sorry to make them trouble by the last cancellation.
However, since it becomes the first child also for Michael also for me, I wish to give priority to a baby now.
I want to bear an early fine baby and to return at chainsaw carving world!!
Thank you!!!

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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