Echo Cup 0n the National road

I am sorry some times I don’t get to write as much as a I would like. But life gets so busy!
On the way home to my land, from Ohio. I lost a wheel on the camper. But I did not have to go chase the thing.
Thank God I was watching my mirrors!
I seen the thing coming off. And it was strait to the shoulder.
I pulled the camper up on some blocks, and put the wheel in the truck.
Now I am weighting for parts and soon we will be back on the road.
I have a show this weekend.
And then Sunday night, Aya and my self will be off to Addison PA.
Where we are both competing in the east coast qualifying competetion for the Echo Cup 2007.
The theme for this event is ” Wildlife Adventure along the National Road ”.
It should be quite a time. A lot of great carvers are going to be there.
Oh, I put some fish in the pond. Little fish,Minnows,Flatheads, and crawfish.
Thats a start.
We will give you all a report after the comp.
Oh, Oh,I almost forgot to put up the pictures of my latest work.
Aya helped some on the dog and the rabbit.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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