I went back home for Easter. It was great to spend some time at home.
It’s still very much winter up in the hills of the Connecticut river valley.
Snow was coming down off and on all day Sunday.
Yes I am so ready for spring to get here. Come on warm sunny days.

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Professional Chainsaw carver
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2 Responses to Easter

  1. Aya says:

    I don\’t know about Easter well…..
    Do families gather and what do? Is an egg looked for?? Is a rabbit pursued???
    I want to know…..

  2. Michael says:

    Easter is probabley the most important holladay in all relegions that beleave in Christ. He was Killed on the cross and buryed
    in a cave. Then he came back to life. He rose from the dead and came back to the people on Easter Sunday mornning.
    As for the Easter bunny, He is a childs myth. Early Easter Sunday he makes his way hidding candy and britely collored eggs
    for all the childern to look for. He also fills up baskets with more eggs and candy. Yum yum.

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