Cheesy Chick Challenge 2007

now, the popular vote of the competition on the Angie-sponsored Internet of Australia "Cheesy chick challenge 2007" was started!!
Michael don’t make Cheesy Chick, but I did.
Of course Aya did an entry already, please carry out check & vote!!
Incidentally the work of Aya is synchronized swimming of entry No.9.

Although Angie’s site is an English site, since its vote can be cast easily, freely, the method of !!
Vote goes to the page of Cheesy Chick Challenge 2007, and looks at the photograph of a work thoroughly.
A photograph will be greatly displayed, if it clicks.
If a pointer is brought on a photograph, the entry number of each work can be checked. if its one favorite is decided and an entry number is memorized — Click here to vote for the Peoples Cheese Peoples Cheese Award<- — this is clicked and it goes to a vote screen.
The white button in front of the entry number of a favorite work is clicked, and VOTE is clicked!
It is completion now?
However, please give that vote only by one person appearance 1 time!…

Thank you!!

Posted by AYA

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