Still digging snow,WOW!!!!!!!!!!

When is winter going to end? 70 in the afternoon last Wensday, to18 an14" of new snow.
Four hours of intence digging, and I got to go to town an get the mail and a hot apple pie.
The bakery in White Haven is great. The wheat bread is very good also.
I am so ready to get outside and make a pile of sawdust.
The first day of spring is Wensday and it’s suppose to warm up to 50’s.
That would be very nice.
Aya has gone back to Japan. I miss her very much!
She will be back in early June to go to Addison Pa. with me to be a part of the National Road Chainsaw Carving
Festival.Part of the Echo Cup Carving Series for the second year.
Well I took pictures this mornning, but I forgot to put the card back in the camera after the last download.
So we will show you the big melt from last Tuesday and Wensday.
I thought I was going to put up some pictures but the powers that be won’t let me right now.
The pictures will be up as soon as posable.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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