Still cold but spring planing is on.

The end of winter is getting long but signs of spring are in the air.
The phone is ringing and the jobs are being scheduled in.
After I take care of my garden center here in eastern PA."Gerry+Mike’s"On Rt. 940 just west of the intercange
of I 80 and turnpike 476.
It looks like its back to Ohio for a spell at Paramount garden center+landscaping,on state Rt 619 in north Canton.
This is going to be my spring hub.
Work on the list goes from the PA.line all the way to Daton Ohio.
Good thing I bought extra gloves.
We will be wearing out a couple of pair this spring.
Here are some pictures of a few things from last year.
More new carvings comming soon!

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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