Back on the land:Post Ridgway

 Aya and I made it back to are land south of White Haven,Pa. safe and sound late Sunday afternoon.
Just a little bit ahead of the storm.
The next couple of days resting up and shaking off the colds we got from the long but wonderful hours out side in the mixed weather last week up in Elk county.
We both had a great time at the vous,and god willing we will be back for 2008.
All the wild life in the woods came to check out lake Shangri-La while we where gone.
We had every one from squirrels,turkeys,deer,and we even had some bear tracks on the pond.
Waiting for the snow to melt is a test of patiences.
But with last nights rain and todays warm breeze sure did a world of hurt on my snow drift.
And the pond,"Lake Shangri-La"is filling up fast,maybe a foot today!!!
Tomorrow it should be full,after a slow go during the deep freeze.
Tomorrow it is going to be nice,and I think we will get back to some carving.
I have a nice 16"standing dead wood cherry that should be good carving.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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