Winter on the land

           Hello every body. This is the first winter that I have stayed north in the last seven years.
      It has been a good winter, for the most part. The last two weeks have been to cold to do much outside
      so hear we are. My wonderful Aya came to the States the first part of Dec. to spend the Holidays
      with me and my family. We spent Christmas in New Hampshire. then we came back to Pa. to spend
      New Years on my land in the south western Pocono’s. I got on a big dig. Did some clearing and dug
      crescent moon pond. I hit some good springs.Hopefully I can keep trout in it. We will see!!
           Soon the cold will brake.And soon Aya will come back.And we will be going to the Ridgeway
      Rendezvous. To carve and see are carving friends from around the world.

About Michael Blaine

Professional Chainsaw carver
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3 Responses to Winter on the land

  1. Aya says:

    Congratulations on your first blog !!!
    I want to read more your story.
    Keep going !!!

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you Aya.I know it\’s a little slow in comming,but more is comming.Be patience!

  3. Connie says:

    I love the carving.  I have seen lots of that type of carving by where I live in Ft. Bragg, California, North West Coast about 100 miles north of San Francisco.  Used to be all loggers there, but now its getting commercialized so you don\’t see real artists like yourself so much any more.  I actually live a couple of hours from Ft. Bragg itself, but I spend a lot of my time there.  I love outdoors, but up there there\’s really no work anymore.  Your carving is absolutely beautiful, but I\’m sure you know that.  I am going back to Hawaii next week & am looking forward to see some more of their wood art. 

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