Spring is here!

Well we made it though another winter. We got snowed in at the shop in February and are just coming out of the snow banks now. The log pile is still frozen in for another week or so. Dream Wood is ready to carve.

Here is one I did last week.

Spring from Droid 203Spring from Droid 204Spring from Droid 205Spring from Droid 206

There is a lot more on the FB links.

We are ready to carve a custom carving for you or stop by the shop and pick a carving out of are carving yard. Happy spring to one and all!

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The days are getting longer!

-8 but the days are getting longer!

E-mails and phone calls are happening and some carving when the weather is good.

I found some of my Keys carving days pictures. There are more too come when I find them. I hope you all enjoy these.  2002 Let’s fish Key Largo.

Old Keys fish and more 491Old Keys fish and more 512Old Keys fish and more 475

I will put more pictures up on FB links soon. I have to get Freddy to school.

Two hour delay today because it is too cold.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Dream Wood shop is open year round  and we do on site carving also in the cold months.

Please stop by the shop to see are large selection of carvings from many artist.

Drod 317Drod 315Drod 318

Drod 150Drod 154Drod 019

Drod 293Drod 237Drod 184

Check out our FB links to see much more.

And a Happy New Year!

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I came up for air!

Wow where did the last two months go? From the Akron Zoo to L.L.Bean’s in Maine and a lot of places in-between. Here are a few pictures. There is a lot more on the F B links.Finished Bean Bears 010L.L.Bean carving 038Bean and back Mtn. bears 006Bean and back Mtn. bears 011Labor Day, Party bear 007Fallis coming 006Fallis coming 018Carvers Rally in the Valley 2013 030Carvers Rally in the Valley 2013 022Carvers Rally in the Valley 2013 081Carvers Rally in the Valley 2013 010Red oak Akron Ohio 0302013 Mum Fest. Indian 0042013 Mum Fest. Indian 008Bad red oak bear 011Bad red oak bear 010Bad red oak bear 008Finished cowboy 010Finished cowboy 011Finished cowboy 012Finished cowboy 028Well that’s all for now. I have to go carve.

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Ohio, The Akron Zoo

We got back from Ohio Sat. night after a long hot week at the Akron Zoo.

We also had a flood a week ago to add to all the goings on.

Fri the 19th of July The Grizzly Ridge at the zoo opens.

I rested a little. LOL and now it is back to the Dream Wood shop to work on custom orders.

Here is some of the Akron Zoo. More on FB.

Finished at the Akron zoo 003Finished at the Akron zoo 005Finished at the Akron zoo 006

Finished at the Akron zoo 012Finished at the Akron zoo 015Finished at the Akron zoo 016Finished at the Akron zoo 017Finished at the Akron zoo 021Finished at the Akron zoo 024Finished at the Akron zoo 033All most done Akron zoo 023Finished at the Akron zoo 030All most done Akron zoo 025The big hollow oaks are otter dens.

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The big Ohio Maple

We have been home for a few days now. And the yard and gardens are looking good.

I did 14 strait carving days in north east Ohio, 11 days on one carving. The big maple.

Here are some pictures of “ Indian spirits with eagles and bears “.The big one is done 001 The big one is done 002The big one is done 003

The big one is done 004The big one is done 005The big one is done 007

The big one is done 008The big one is done 009The big one is done 010

The big one is done 011The big one is done 012

Aya is going Monday to Addison, Pa. to the,” National Road Chainsaw Carving Festival.” And after Fathers Day she is going to “ Carving a Chunk out of Cancer” event up in Canada. Dream Wood is having a busy year. I have on site work and custom orders to do here in the Pocono. Maybe Freddy and I have to go fishing too.

Don’t forget to stop by Dream Wood shop this race weekend and say hello.

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Spring things

Spring things. The list is long and so are the days. But I still think I need a clone.

We are filling custom orders at the shop and the list of on site work is growing.

I am going back to Ohio sometime in the third week of May to do on site work and then back to the Pocono to do more. Aya is going to an event later this week and after I get back from Ohio she is going to two more. Maybe Freddy is going to run the shop while I do onsite carving. LOL

There are some pictures of some new carvings.

Garden and eagles 014Garden and eagles 019Garden and eagles 020Garden and eagles 024Fishing bear and gardens 008Fishing bear and gardens 012Fishing bear and gardens 021Fishing bear and gardens 022Fishing bear and gardens 023Fishing bear and gardens 024Fishing bear and gardens 028Fishing bear and gardens 018Gator and koi 004Gator and koi 022Gator and koi 015Gator and koi 017Gator and koi 019Gator and koi 028Gator and koi 032

We have also been gardening and working on Freddy’s tree house and much more.

Happy spring! More Dream Wood coming soon.

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